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A common question that drug addicts or their loved ones ask is “how do I find suboxone clinics near me?” Those who prefer a methadone-based approach often ask "where do I find local methadone clinics?" Finding the right suboxone or methadone treatment center is not an easy task. There are many facilities spread across the United States, and people who suffer with drug addiction don’t always know who to turn to. At, we provide a full listing of all medication assisted clinics nationwide. Find suboxone and methadone treatment centers near you that use suboxone and/or methadone along with other traditional, non-medication assisted methods, to get rid of your addiction once and for all. Types of addictions that can be treated at local suboxone or methadone clinics include: opioid addiction, heroin addiction, painkiller addiction, cocaine and marijuana addiction, benzodiazepines addictions that include Xanax, Klonopin and Valium, stimulant drug addiction such as addiction to meth, Adderall and others, as well as other drug dependencies. In addition to suboxone treatment, clinics may provide therapies such as behavioral therapy, aversion therapy, therapeutic therapy, holistic rehab, and even faith-based treatment. Suboxone-based treatment can be available both on an inpatient (residential) basis, as well as outpatient basis. There are methadone and suboxone clinics for men only, for women only, co-ed, for teenagers and adolescents, LGBT, veterans, pregnant women, domestic violence victims, as well as for people with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. Find the best medication assisted treatment center or rehab for your needs by browsing our state listings below.